“I Know What It’s Like to Feel Thirsty”

This two minute clip from White Men Can't Jump is the best relationship advice for men from any movie, according to Brad Feld.


Speaking of movies, I watched The Maid recently, a Chilean movie about one family's relationship with their maid. Excellent and highly recommended for anyone interested in the delicate dynamics of an outsider in the house, and especially recommended for those with experience living or traveling in Latin America. Finally, I recently re-discovered Alec Baldwin's famous scene on The Art of Selling from Glengarry Glen Ross. Awesome.

2 Responses to “I Know What It’s Like to Feel Thirsty”

  1. Craig Mische says:

    Thanks for the heads up about ‘The Maid’. It was just added to my Netflix queue.

  2. asdf123 says:

    Which part is the best relationship advice? The part where she wants him to sympathize with her state of thirstiness? Or the part where he tells her she’s crazy and throws the glass of water in her face?


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