Tim O’Reilly: A Splendid Life

Tim O'Reilly:

  • Runs a $100 million dollar book publishing and conference business
  • Runs a venture capital fund that invests in tech entrepreneurs
  • Owns a pair of white Icelandic horses that he enjoys taking care of
  • Bakes scones and serves them with a strawberry jam that he makes himself
  • Happily married for 35 years
  • Lives on a 14-acre apple orchard in beautiful Sebastopol, CA

More from the profile of him:

O'Reilly says he has tried to use his company to demonstrate that being an entrepreneur can represent a means of exploring the world, one that is just as profound as religious inquiry or Greek philosophy or New Age introspection. "Business doesn't have to be separated from the rest of life," he says.

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