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The craziest sentences uttered at the Vancouver Olympics came from Norwegian silver medalist Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset describing his performance in the men's 4×10 cross-country relay:

"My name is Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset. I skied the second lap and I fucked up today. I think I have seen too much porn in the last 14 days. I have the room next to Petter Northhug and every day there is noise in there. So I think that is the reason I fucked up. By the way, Tiger Woods is a really good man."


In other news that made me laugh:

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  • Norwegians have a long history in the arena of unselfconscious outrageousness.

    Something to do with sublimating their berserker impulses, I think.

    I don’t know Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, but I think he wants to become the world’s first famous Norwegian stand-up comic when he retires from cross-country skiing.

    Hell, the guy’s thirty-eight years old.

    So he really should know it’s not a good idea to watch porn before competitions.

    Watching it without a ready outlet is generally unhealthy, anyway.

    (That’s where the Viking heritage comes in. All those days at sea in longboats.;-)

    Kevin Smith is useless and I have no sympathy for him.

  • He couldn’t help it. He is Bjørn Odd, sorry Odd-Bjørn. :-/

    On a serious note, Vince is right. Most North Europeans are quite frank and direct. Very helpful in business situations, can be amusing in social ones.

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