Exploring Patagonia

Last week my Mom and I spent several days in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. The scenery was spectacular. And there is a rush that comes from being very near the Southern tip of the world.

Within the park you can hike in and around glaciers as well as in lush green mountain areas. Here's a pic of my Mom and I (on the far left) during an all-day hike — we stopped for lunch as a small avalanche rumbled behind us. The rain poured, the wind howled, but hey, it's Patagonia.

It felt pretty similar to Alaska. Patagonia exists in both Chile and Argentina, though I'm told the Chilean side has more diversity. The National Park is a four hour flight south from Santiago, and I recommend a visit for anyone traveling within the Southern Cone.

3 Responses to Exploring Patagonia

  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Note to readers: The second “Mom and I” should be “Mom and me.” I hate making that grammar mistake.

  2. DaveJ says:

    I was going to point it out, then thought perhaps you are tired of my pedanticism. Great pics.

  3. Sam Davidson says:

    My cousin and I hiked Patagonia in 2001. Best trip of my life. One of the highlights was the community of folks in the refugios at night. Good memories.


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