Book Review: Chief Culture Officer

Grant McCracken has a new book out called Chief Culture Officer: How to Create a Living, Breathing Corporation.

My blurb’s on the book:

This is a marvel of a business book: highly entertaining, original, and provocative. Entrepreneurs who want to understand their customers, target market, and the cultural dynamics that shape the business world—which is to say all entrepreneurs—need to read it.

Here’s Tyler Cowen’s blurb:

I have deep admiration and respect for Grant McCracken, a nimble thinker who combines a mastery of marketing, culture, anthropology, and modern business practice. Chief Culture Officer has many lessons for anyone interested in understanding how to run a successful business in the early 21st century. It will prove one of the most stimulating books of the year.

It is a difficult book to sum-up, but I stand by my endorsement. It was one of the most original and stimulating business books I read in 2009.

Here’s my post about McCracken’s critique of the Tropicana re-branding disaster. Here’s McCracken’s interesting blog.

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