Working Out With Nothing but a Floor

When you're on-the-go, finding a gym can be hard and going for a run outside is always fraught with the risk of getting lost.

So I now pack two good exercise tools in my suitcase that allow me to do a workout anywhere, anytime:

1. Jump rope – A jump rope is light, compact, and use-able anywhere. Because you stay in one place, you can simply take one step outside your hotel building and get after it.

2. Ripcords – I discovered these when their CEO, a blog reader, emailed and offered to send me a box. They're awesome. You can do many types of exercises with resistance bands.

Another blog reader, Adam Gilbert who's CEO of, emailed me a workout plan that requires nothing but a floor:

1. Jumping jacks – Do 4 sets of 50

2. Body Weight Squats – Do 3 sets of 20 (shoulder width)
( – Great video to watch for form)

3. Wall Sit – 2 sets of 1:30 each
( – Good video to watch for form)

4. Calf Raises  – 4 sets of 25 each

5. Push ups (shoulder width) – 3 sets of 20 each (Go slow and steady.)

6. Push ups (close grip) – 3 sets of 20 each (Go slow and steady. Again, own the exercise!)

7. Lying Torso Raise – 3 Sets of 15 each

Directions: Lie face down on the floor and place your hands loosely behind your head. Slowly raise your upper body until your chest is a few inches off the floor. You should feel your lower back muscles contracting as you rise up. Hold the top position for two-seconds then slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

8. Crunch – 3 sets of 15 each
( – Good video on how to do them. Most importantly crunch your chin up towards the ceiling. Look up! And hold!)

9. Bicycles – 3 sets of 30 each (Every time you touch a knee it counts as one)
( – Very good video with great form!)

10. Plank (Hold for 2 minutes or as long as you can. 2 minutes is the goal though.)
(Perfect form –

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