The Business of Self-Help

From this fascinating, January 2008 profile of the Learning Annex business, their founder Bill Zanker looks to the future and how they will become a billion dollar company:

We’ll own online; we’ll own books; we’ll own videos; we’ll own audio; we’ll own the self-help business; we’ll own the management. If you’re an upcoming guy, I want to manage your career. I want to have a television division; I want to own the touring rights for television shows, so that when you have a TV show and you’re famous, I want to tour you. I want to create the next great psychic and then tour that person. I want to own a phone line; I want to own anything to do with changing your life. And feel comfortable that the brand is a little edgy, a little wacko, but cool, solid–stands behind the product. And we’ll be there as you change, or whenever you want to change. Because I think people have transitions all through their lives. So you need to come back and learn more. As you get older, you’re going to be learning in a community. So we’ll either own the community, or there will be a Learning Annex in your community center. It could be in a big building in Florida. In a high-rise condo. As expansive as the self-help business is, it’s just beginning. There’s so much of it out there! It’s just starting!

Huh? You’re cynical about the self-help industry? What?!

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