Strange but True Cultural Preference in the Southern Cone

They have really thick window shades to block the sun when you go to bed / wake up in the morning.

As someone who prefers a very dark bedroom when sleeping, I loved this about Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. When I stayed at people’s homes, they all had (at times fancy) window shades that kept the bedroom unusually dark.

Always fascinating how these cultural preferences evolve…

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  • I was just wondering, have you been to a town that is located in a country somewhere in europe.The town still retains much of the historic architecturals such as the brick road, carriages… I’ve read it somewhere but i can’t find the information now. If you do happen to have any information on this particular town , could you please let me know. Thanks alot.

  • hello! I’m in Montevideo right now staying with a friend who is teaching English here for a while. I’m actually leaving tomorrow night to go home and I was looking up how much it costs to leave Uruguay…I feel like I’m paying a ransom! So you had to pay $30?
    This weekend, we had gone to Buenos Aires and enjoyed it. La Boca is very nice, until some stupid punk-ass teenage boys stop you and ask you if you have cameras. How stupid do I look? Suuuree…just wait right here and I’ll take it out and hand it right to you.
    The weather has been unnaturally warm here which is good! (hurray for global warming)
    How has your trip been going/gone?

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