The Keys to Life: Running and Reading

Will Smith, one of my favorite actors and rappers, tells the audience at the 2005 Kid's Choice Awards that the keys to life are running and reading. The two minute YouTube clip is embedded below. Running because when you run you get tired and want to quit and have to train yourself to fight through the pain and be resilient, and reading because through books you can learn from the people who have lived before you. It's inspirational to hear this message delivered by Smith to a rap beat and interspersed with some riffs on hard work.

(hat tip: Max Marmer)

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  • First saw this video last August on Leo’s Zen Habits Blog, and it immediately resonated. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that most of the best writers I know are voracious readers. And I can’t count the ways running has impacted my life. Something I don’t do often anymore, but that I used to really enjoy and also helped me strategic thinking, ability to concentrate, etc. was playing chess. Good vid for a Friday. Less to digest than your essay on Cowen’s book.

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