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It's from the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs on the new Google operating system:

What the fuck is going on inside Google? How much more out of control and undisciplined can this place get? How many new goddamn operating systems are they going to create? They've already got Android, and nobody wants it. Now they're going to make yet another operating system, this time out of a browser that nobody wants. What's next? A Gmail-based operating system? A YouTube-based operating system? Honestly, Google, is there anyone in charge over there? Is there anyone who knows how to criticize anything in that fucked up little Montessori preschool of yours? I mean I guess it's nice that you all get to spend 20 percent of your time dreaming up useless shit, and I guess you have to use the Montessori method and tell everyone that whatever little piece of shit they've created is just so wonderful and perfect and beautiful — but really, as I've told Eric before, that doesn't mean you have to release everything these bozos dream up. There's a word for this. It's called "no." Have you heard of it? I mean, fine, let them fuck around with stuff. Engineers like to tinker. So let them tinker. Then when they bring you whatever it is they've made, first you say you're too busy to meet with them. Then you say you've changed your mind and you will meet with them after all. Then you wait until they're all in the conference room with everything set up, and you send Katie down to tell them that you're going to be a little bit late. You make them wait an hour. Then two hours. Then, at six in the afternoon, you send Katie down to tell them that you've changed your mind again and now you can't make it. Then, finally, you set up another appointment and this time you do meet with them — but before they can even speak you just look at whatever it is they've made and you say, I'm sorry, that's a piece of shit, and you walk out. Trust me, engineers love this. They're all masochists. That's why they became engineers in the first place.
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  • quite negative writing. Was he conscious?
    By looking at the youtube channel googletechtalks and their topics, presentations, experiments, guests, and the young students-workers, this other blogger looks miniscule.
    I don’t give bias to google, but c’mon!

  • Steve is a failure & a moron. Google has proved itself in past, and even though chrome is a destined failure, I am sure Google OS is going to end Microsoft’s monopoly over OS. Looking forward to G-OS.
    JaiHo Goooooogle!

  • As someone who sees a lot of the public face of apple, google and some of the characters that run those companies, but has had very little interaction with them directly, I can only laugh along at how well Lyons’ writing meshes with the public image.

    I have no idea how well it meshes with the reality, and I don’t think one could know that without being an insider.

  • Wow – I am over-freakin’-whelmed. No wonder fakesteve got restless over the sparks that fly in the pre-war exchange between Microsoft and Google. Google’s press release reads like Google ChromeOS was the closest thing to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Get a grip people. All that an OS has to do is boot the damn computer, get me to a browser as fast as possible and then stay the hell out of the way. In short, it is a desperate attempt by Google to stop Microsoft in the netbook game and, also, push the Google Chrome browser to the masses at a point in time when IE’s market share is going downhill.

  • All I got to say is this: Google has yet to release Chrome (the browser) for the linux operating system. If I remember correctly, Chrome (operating system) will run the linux kernel (read: it’s yet another linux distro, nothing new here), but I’m assuming trimmed down with next to nothing but a browser (their non-existant linux Chrome web browser)…

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