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  • This looks very fun.

    But the structure of it ignores all family/social relations except the horizontal ones. It’s all intra-generational. It’s all about celebrating the *now* without reference to the past or future.

    Looking at it reminded me of the points Robert Bly was raising in “The Sibling Society”.

    Of course, there may have been some tragedy that prevented the other generations from participating, so if I’m being insensitive, I apologize. But, if not, am I entirely out of line by asking whether this doesn’t suggest the view that a wedding is just a really fun party celebrating two individuals, divorced from the chain of humanity?

    Look, in my own wedding, there was not a shred of originality, and I regret that. I’m impressed by the couple here taking direct control over their own day, and wish them all the best. But something might have been lost too, and if I don’t bring it up, others might not consider that point.

    sorry if I’m being rude,


  • Fantastic. Choreography in the ceremony is a great idea, and there are a bunch of ways to do it. I’ve never heard of an all-sung wedding ceremony.

    But Wedding Crashers should make you excited to go to OTHER people’s weddings, not your own.

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