Think Different TV: Colin Marshall and Me

Episode #5 of Think Different TV features Colin Marshall, film critic, writer, and deep thinker, and me in conversation for 60 minutes. I recommend watching the video on the Vimeo site and letting it load all the way. Then you can use the chapter markings on that page. Here's an MP3 audio file of the episode. Here are the topics we discuss:

  • How do you become a good writer? Should imitate the greats? How does a unique voice emerge?
  • Embracing suckage. Your first draft will always suck. We need a museum of first drafts. Show me Shakespeare's first draft! Show me David Foster Wallace's first draft! Show me Steve Jobs' first business plan! [MP3 clip of just this part.]
  • Philosophies of self-improvement: is Merlin Mann right that we need fewer cheesy tips?
  • Bits vs. books: Would you rather go a week without blogs or a week without books? [MP3 clip of just this part.]
  • What is your eternal bio? What parts of identity are permanent? Do political beliefs tell you anything important? [MP3 clip of just this part.]
  • Friendships and the internet: how do online friends compare to "real life" ones? [MP3 clip of just this part.]
  • Long/short (bullish/bearish): formal schooling, Netflix, the state of California, democracy in China, the print book, libertarianism, Twitter. [MP3 clip of just this part.]


It's a fun and stimulating conversation. Note due to an audio problem my voice sounds a bit rough but Colin's is smooth which is good because he's the more eloquent anyway.

(thanks to Charlie Hoehn for his diligent technical assistance)

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