Language Thoughts

– “Ideas” is one of the hardest words for non-native speakers to pronounce. Especially in French but in all European languages.

– “Make” as a verb is overused by non-native speakers. For example, “let’s make a picture” instead of “let’s take a picture.” I assume it’s like me using tener as a catch-all verb in Spanish.

– I like how the Brits say “indeed” as a superlative. E.g., “Thank you very much indeed for that speech.”

– I remain fascinated by how non-natives have a very hard time selecting “this” or “that” – they select but it’s usually not the right one. Grammatically makes no difference but how it sounds to the ear…. For example, “The boys were being very rude at the show by yelling out at the audience. I can’t believe they acted like this.” The last word should be “that” — at least this sounds best to my ear.

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