Universally Loved vs. Loved and Hated to a Greater Degree


Chris Yeh asks a very interesting question:

Sports Illustrated recently conducted a survey of 190 NBA players (the NBA has a total of 450 players) in which they were asked which current player they'd most want as a teammate, and which player they'd least want as a teammate.

The Lakers' Kobe Bryant tied for third in the race for least desirable teammate, behind Stephon Marbury (22%) and Ron Artest (9%), and tied with Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas at 5%.

Kobe Bryant came in second in the race for most desirable teammate (13% selected him) behind only LeBron James (32%) and ahead of famously unselfish point guards Steve Nash (8%) and Chris Paul (7%) and super-teammate Kevin Garnett (7%).

He is the only player near the top of both lists.

Would you rather be universally loved, like Steve Nash? Or loved and hated to a greater degree, like Kobe Bryant?

If I were honest, probably universally loved. (Most people downplay how much being liked by others matters to them.)

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