Fashion Sense of the Job-Hunting Student

My friend Josh Newman offers a helpful hint for young men:

If you're a student looking for an internship or post-college job, khakis and a medium-blue button-down don't say "professional".

They say "dickbag".

I definitely agree if above referenced fashion sense is combined with the intentional protrusion (don't say it's not intentional) of chest hair just barely popping out of that medium-blue button down.

I'm sure you're proud of that chest hair. You worked hard for it. You drank your 2% instead of 1% milk growing up. You eat well. You exercise.

But please. Spare us. Nothing screams "dickbag wannabe banker" more than the young male who feels a need to wear business casual with the top buttons unbuttoned enough to flaunt the chest hair.

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