Fashion Sense of the Job-Hunting Student

My friend Josh Newman offers a helpful hint for young men:

If you're a student looking for an internship or post-college job, khakis and a medium-blue button-down don't say "professional".

They say "dickbag".

I definitely agree if above referenced fashion sense is combined with the intentional protrusion (don't say it's not intentional) of chest hair just barely popping out of that medium-blue button down.

I'm sure you're proud of that chest hair. You worked hard for it. You drank your 2% instead of 1% milk growing up. You eat well. You exercise.

But please. Spare us. Nothing screams "dickbag wannabe banker" more than the young male who feels a need to wear business casual with the top buttons unbuttoned enough to flaunt the chest hair.

8 comments on “Fashion Sense of the Job-Hunting Student
  • Seeing a bit of chest hair is like seeing the top of the “S” peeking out from behind Clark Kent’s shirt. It’s a signal that the person behind this meek exterior is 100% man, baby.

  • Ben, you’d be disgusted at how often I see this “style” at Duke. Not only does it show “dickbagery,” it shows lack of creativity, lack of originality, and a belief that “social skills” are going to get you this job (three things any bank (or company) don’t want to see from you).

    Glad to see someone put this so eloquently. It’s painfully true.

  • Do recent grads even do the chest hair thing anymore? I am in college right now, and while the khaki/blue combo is enough to make me gag myself, I have to say I never see anybody showing off their chest hair simultaneously.

  • What’s really disgusting is when the guy wears an old, ratty undershirt and you can see the yellowing, tattered collar. I’ve seen this more than once, on guys who otherwise would have looked pulled together, and it very much made me want to vomit.

  • Hilarious. So True. I “blog snacked” for the last hour, and this was my favorite post.

    What’s your opinion on this? For hairy chested guys, should they

    1. Wax the top of their chest to avoid “creep”

    2. Let the hair flow only if it is au naturale

    3. Always wear a tie

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