Think Different TV Episode 1: Cal Newport and Me

Today I'm launching a side-project called Think Different TV. It is a web site that will host split-screen video conversations between two talking heads. does this for political bloggers, and I hope Think Different TV can do this for folks in the entrepreneurship / business / education world.

We're still working on the technology piece, but for now the videos will be hosted on Vimeo. You can load the whole episode and then jump around to different points using the chapter markings listed in the description.

Click here to load the video for Episode #1. It's between Cal Newport, doctoral student, author, and blogger at Study Hacks, and me. We talk about being interesting vs. being impressive, how to become a "Zen Valedictorian," and the (overstated?) differences between the real-world and school. Jump to minute 15 for Cal's interesting theory about the compounding effect of seeming impressive. Total length of the video: 30 minutes.

As our first go-around, there are a few video/audio quality issues, and both Cal and me were half-focused on the tech so at times the conversation wanders… In any event, your feedback is encouraged! Thanks to Charlie Hoehn for editing and production help.


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