Presidential Security Nugget of the Day

Always fun to read about the day-to-day operations of the White House, including the extraordinary security apparatus around the President. Here's just one of many interesting nuggets:

The President-elect will also have to get used to handing his glass to a Secret Service agent every time he has a drink outside the White House. The agent carries a small bag in which to pop the glass and later he destroys it. The idea is to ensure that no unauthorised person has access to the Presidential DNA, but it is not clear how an enemy would use it.

7 Responses to Presidential Security Nugget of the Day

  1. Bud Johnson says:

    The enemy may use the DNA to frame the president. Spread his DNA over a crime scene or something.

  2. So, the takeaway lesson is: Don’t use your best glassware when serving the President a drink.

  3. Looks like our incoming President is (dare I say it?) a book slut. The article says:

    “…Barack wants to remove the plasma TV from the famous Lincoln bedroom. Instead, he wants guests to read.”

  4. Austin says:

    Or the enemy could clone another Barack Obama and get everybody confused.

  5. LP says:

    Is there also a designated Secret Service agent who follows the president around to pick up any stray hairs he might have shed while sitting on a chair outside the White House? What about the flatware he uses at dinner parties — those carry enough saliva to run a DNA test, at least sometimes. Are we sure this isn’t a myth?

  6. Ben Casnocha says:

    Could very well be a myth!

  7. Dario says:

    A very fascinating nugget and companion article. I too, find myself enthralled with these kinds of operational innerworkings. Thanks


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