Quote of the Day

"It's never that I didn't send child support. It's just that I didn't send the amount that was said to be sent by the courts."

Jason Caffey, 35, former player for Chicago Bulls and holder of two world championship rings. Caffey has fathered 10 children with 8 women and they are suing for child support payments.

Hat tip to Andrew Hess, whose sports blog is titled Just Trying to Feed My Family in honor of Latrell Sprewell turning his nose at a $21 million contract offer by insisting "I'm just trying to feed my family."

Of course when I was growing up I knew Sprewell as the player who choke strangled then Golden State Warriors coach P.J. Carlesimo to the ground and threatened to kill him because Carlesimo asked Spree in  practice to "put a little mustard" on his passes.

Welcome to the NBA.

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