Twitterings and Odds & Ends

I’ve posted nearly 900 messages on micro-blogging service Twitter. Each update is limited to 140 characters. I use it to post quotes, single sentence thoughts, and more personal updates. It also serves as my Facebook status update.

Here are some recent Tweets:

  • Reading the Bible. No, not The Economist, the religious one.
  • Not everyone should include a middle initial when signing their name. Generic names must. For others it depends – sometimes it’s pretentious
  • I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve inspired to close social transactions with "take care." It’s a great all-purpose line.
  • Small airports don’t sell water after security, which tortures waterholics like myself. TSA should require a water vendor after sec
  • I find listening to music rarely changes my mood but can intensify whatever mood / emotion I am already feeling at the time.
  • "I can be bought. If they paid me enough, I’d work for the Klan." – Charles Barkley
  • "We are in the business of kicking butt and business is very, very good." – Charles Barkley
  • Minneapolis airport en route to Wisconsin to give a couple talks. Do twin cities have big Japanese pop? Signs in eng and jap
  • idea for what to name a bar: "Pacific Standard Time" – patrons could abbrev to PST.
  • Great ad placement by Zappos: the bottom of TSA bins that go thru x-ray.
  • Co-founder of RealClearPolitics today at Claremont: Obama and McCain have 14,000 lawyers btwn them ready to litigate on election day.
  • Just got back from dinner where Karl Rove spoke. He’s been on campus all evening. Not surprisingly, a smart guy.
  • I think I called a wrong number, but got this hilarious voicemail greeting. Call: (906) 875-6770. Spoof mental hospital.
  • Especially in teenagehood, girls heavily discriminate in favor of similar physical attractiveness when picking friends.
  • People who wear glasses and fancy themselves smart like adjusting / touching the frames.
  • Testimonials with just the first name or just initials look worse than no testimonials at all.
  • Christopher Hitchens in a debate on the existence of God: "There are no statements worth arguing here; all you can do is underline them.”
  • Every time I read the FT I think of and pine for int’l traveling — it was my main source of news while overseas.
  • Philip Roth, Tom Friedman, Bob Woodward, Stephen King, and Malcolm Gladwell all have bks coming out in the fall.                        
  • When you expose yourself to an expert’s work, you feel both inspired by what can be and depressed by your own lack of natural ability.             
  • "Once you have a mission you cant go back to having a job." – Shai Agassi, frmr SAP exec
  • "The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room." – Pascal, Pensées, 136.
  • Zinger from Palin: "I guess being a small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have real responsibilities."                            
  • "In part, conservatism believes you can’t perfect humans or society. Suspic of do-gooders who think they can, who underrate complexity."                            
  • Facebook has rendered the "happy birthday!" note un-special. People get inundated on their b-day. Unexpected greetings are best.
  • September in non-coastal Southern California: waaay tooo hot. Am I really doomed to only being able to thrive in SF-like, foggy climates?
  • Southern accent in children is endearing.                              
  • I’ve seen more fat people in last hr in Pigeon Fordge, TN than in last month in all SF.
  • Just ate hickory smoked pig shoulders (smoked for 11 hours) with BBQ sauce. Feeling very Southern.
  • Participated in Laughter Yoga session today — totally bizarre and very amusing. You laugh with others for 30 minutes:


I’m speaking in Waterloo on October 4th and have some time for dinner in Toronto that evening before my flight. Email me if you want to meet up.


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4 comments on “Twitterings and Odds & Ends
  • Ben recently made a post with the question “How much truth is there to the phrase “ignorance is bliss”? How unbearable is genius?

    This is it. You are always judged. This is one cross he will have to bear for betraying maturity beyond age. It ill behooves him to indulge in worldly frailties that are quite normal for other less endowed. Nothing wrong with him, can’t fault those that judge either. It’s just an upshot.

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