Taxi Hounds at Third World Airports

Here’s a little thing third world countries could do which would vastly improve the travel experience for foreigners: create a formal taxi line and enforce it.

In every poor country I’ve been to the airport scene is always the same. You land, go through customs, and then take one step outside and are hounded by taxi drivers. Some legal, some illegal, all shouting "taxi! taxi! taxi!".

The most frustrating experience I’ve had was in Dalian, China. There the illegal taxis swarm and won’t leave you. I had to physically push one guy away and he nonetheless kept following my every step trying to get me to hire him.
In Liberia, Costa Rica, you step out of the airport and before you know it you’re inundated by "taxi! taxi!". When I waited to pick Laura up at the airport, I watched dozens of passengers exit the airport. Each time, without exception, they walk out with a smile on their face, and within seconds, at seeing the mob scene of taxi drivers, their smile turns to deer-in-headlights or general fear / nervousness.

Why would you want that to be the first impression visitors have of your country?

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