Japanese and Korean Editions of My Start-Up Life

The Japanese and Korean editions of My Start-Up Life are available for sale. Here’s the link to the Korean edition. Here’s the link to the Japanese edition on Amazon.com Japan. Below are the covers of each. Apparently the Japanese edition has several manga drawings of me and of other scenes, which is pretty amusing.

Koreamslcover Japancover

6 comments on “Japanese and Korean Editions of My Start-Up Life
  • Have you received a copy of the Korean version yet?

    The Korean version of my first book was littered with the strangest possible pieces of clip art, my favorite being — and I swear I’m not making this up — a robot watering a flower ???

  • That is, like, the coolest cover for a business book I’ve ever seen. . . although I don’t really get why you’re not wearing shoes? Because they’re business shoes and therefore not suitable for running? But are socks any better?
    There was Japanese art on the one book I wrote, but seeing as how it was a Pokémon trivia book (a bestseller in Canada!), that’s sort of to be expected.

  • Hey Ben,
    Hope you are doing well, and congrats on the Asian versions!
    I wonder why it had to be so different for Japanese one, but I guess the publisher had other positioning approaches in mind…
    Anyways, I will let people know about the book.

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