Annoying “Gotcha!” Conversation Stoppers

Things people say in arguments that annoy me:

"You can’t say that!" – Mr. Politically Correct. (A response: "I just fucking did. So respond.")

"Correlation does not equal causation!" – Mr. I Took Statistics 101. (A response: "True, but some correlation in the right way does show something.")

"In the end, you can’t judge someone else’s choices. You’re not in their shoes." – Mr. Relativist. (A response: "True you can’t judge 100% without 100% information, but don’t you think that some choices are better than other, some values better than others, some truths more sensible than others?")

"But here’s a counter-example!" – Mr. I-Think-One-Anecdote-to-the-Contrary-Disproves-a-General-Theory. (A response: "That’s the exception that proves the rule.")

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