Travel Doctors are a Scam

I’ve never been to one, but I now know two people who went to American travel doctors before going to Latin America. Of course they give you every medicine they can think of and tell you to avoid everything and anything once in the region.

A particularly amusing fun fact was the travel doctor a friend visited before coming to Costa Rica had only been abroad once in her life, to London!

My approach is to follow the CDC / State Dept recommendations on malaria, avoid tap water, and be smart about other types of food. Get your shots, etc. But do your own research and take action that will keep you healthy and make you less nervous (sometimes people say you don’t need to take malaria medicine in certain places like Guanacaste in Costa Rica — but I’d rather assuage any nervousness when I get molested by mosquitoes which inevitably happens).

Just don’t outsource this process to a "travel doctor"!

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