Some Careers Are Better to Do Young

Some careers are better to do when you’re young. Athletics is the most obvious example that springs to mind.

There are others. Compare my two main career interests: entrepreneurship/starting companies and writing/journalism. The start-up tech world seems to discriminate in favor of youth. That is, you don’t see many 65 year-olds starting tech companies.

The writing world, however, seems age-agnostic or maybe even the opposite. There are many older writers who are still widely respected and prolific. More experience as a writer is almost always considered a plus, whereas in the start-up world too much experience can be seen as a negative.

Note that I’m talking specifically about the start-up tech world. Daniel Gross has a recent Slate piece titled How did America’s business leaders get so old? where he discusses Buffett, Icahn, Soros, and other senior citizens who still dominate business.

All this to say, it seems to make more sense to start start-ups while I’m young, and pursue writing full-time later in life.

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