The “McWalk” in Prague (and Haifa, Israel)

Massimo and I happened upon what I think should be a more recognized tourist attraction in Prague: the "McWalk" in McDonald’s! It’s like a drive-thru window; except it’s a walk-through open 18 hours a day.Mcwalksmall

According to my research, there are only two McWalk’s in the world: one in Prague, and one in Haifa, Israel.
I say this because the Prague Post claims that Prague is home to "the only McDonald’s in the known world with a ‘McWalk’ window." And yet a Google search turned up one other location, in Haifa, see photo below. All other results pointed to Prague.

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  • Hi, in fact there’s another McWalk – in the Czech city Brno. I stop there every morning for McFlurry 🙂

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  • Hah! Well maybe the Prague McWalk needs to google other McWalks in the world to update their sign! Not that Prague and Haifa are really close, anyway. I wonder if we’ll ever have McWalks in North America?

  • There’s another Czech city with one too. It’s Pilsen! Best Czech city of all. We also have the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic, one of the largest squares, the 3rd biggest synagogue in the world, the world’s best beer (and original pilsener), Pilsner Urquell, and a huge Skoda Works factory which pumps out trams, buses, and other forms of transportation for many parts of the world.

  • Me and my friends should go there daily if we will have at least one or two McWalks in Sydney.In Mcdonalds we usually go for eating McBurgers and McFlurry with strong cool drinks!!

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