Travel: Go, Go, Go

Tyler Cowen on travel:

My main tip is simply: "Go, go go!" Go. People have a status quo bias when they make decisions and they don’t take enough chances. My colleague and co-blogger Alex Tabarrok makes an interesting point. If you knew your life were much shorter you would travel to those places you always wanted to see. If you knew your life were to be much longer you would have more time to travel; again you would travel more. So, are you trying to tell me that your expected lifespan is just at that length where you shouldn’t travel more? I don’t buy it.

The "go, go, go" advice applies to most things, I think, not just travel. Just do it.

The above link is at, a travel web site I hadn’t seen before. Some good stuff. Here’s a funny YouTube video about a Philadelphia Phillies baseball player having a prank played on him — his manager and agent tell him he’s been traded to Japan.

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  • I have read his interview on Gadling and the best tip I got from him was travel can be reasonably cheap as long as it’s not somewhere in Europe because it’s virtually costly there now. He recommended somewhere in Mexico. Oh, and the video is so funny I almost believed it myself if there was no disclaimer. The ply seemed believable but come to think of it, being traded to Japan is somewhat farfetched, if he was supposedly going to be traded to the competition that would make sense. But all in all, it was a good laugh.

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