How to Know You’ve Truly Disconnected

People sometimes take vacations to "get away from it all." A friend just emailed a good litmus test to know when this has happened: When you’ve forgotten what day of the week it is, and you don’t even care. When this moment comes it’s magical and a sign you’ve truly disconnected from real life.

6 comments on “How to Know You’ve Truly Disconnected
  • I think it’s really a test of whether or not you’re on a schedule.

    I’ve been oblivious to the day of the week during both lazy summers and during periods of intense startup work. I agree it’s a magical feeling though, no matter the reason.

  • you have it backwards… that is real life, disconnected is asll the arbitrary concepts we impose, starting with “days of the week” and ending at your “oh so important” life

    the yogis figured out life because of emptiness… we only figure out how to mess it up

    enjoy timelessness

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