Assorted Musings

Some random thoughts on this Saturday night:

  • Why are Burger King and KFC high end restaurants overseas?
  • I agree with an old Bryan Caplan post that people often invoke "addiction" to explain behavior, when it’s really a lack of self-control.
  • This overview of the Northern California megaregion — and the urban planning challenges we’re going to face in coming years — is pretty interesting. What I like most about Northern California is the diversity of climates and landscapes. In only a few hours by car you can be in snow (Tahoe), beaches (Santa Cruz), Wine Country (Napa), farmland (Fresno), waterfront (SF), etc etc.
  • Most successful salespeople in business are cocky motherfuckers.
  • What’s with people saying "It’s me" in voicemails, instead of identifying themselves? It could be a sign of insecurity, as if they want to feel like they have a close relationship with you. I’m with George Castanza on this one: "I’m against all ‘It’s me’s’. It’s so self-absorbed and egotistical, like those hip musicians with their complicated shoes".
  • Juno is a good movie — it deals with tough social issues in a funny and appropriately complicated way.
  • Early exposure to miserable jobs is good motivation to get educated and make something of yourself. I remember as a kid seeing toll-collectors on the bridge, pondering their likely miserable existence, and thinking to myself, "I don’t want to be him." Speaking of careers, my friend Marty Nemko has some great info up at US News and World Report about hot and cold careers.

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