The Age of the Microcelebrity

Clive Thompson in Wired has a pitch-perfect, short piece on "The Age of the Microcelebrity". It’s not groundbreaking in its analysis, but it captures with eloquence oft-talked about themes like transparency, your personal brand, anonymity, and web 2.0. And even in conceding that it’s a bit strange that we’re all a celebrity to somebody in the era of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and the like, Thompson is appropriately upbeat:

You could regard this as a sad development — the whole Brand Called You meme brought to its grim apotheosis. But haven’t our lives always been a little bit public and stage-managed? Small-town living is a hotbed of bloglike gossip. Every time we get dressed — in power suits, nerdy casual wear, or goth-chick piercings — we’re broadcasting a message about ourselves. Microcelebrity simply makes the social engineering we’ve always done a little more overt — and maybe a little more honest.

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