Semi-Finalist for Best Biz Book of 2007

Like every other author out there, I must humbly remind you to consider My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley as a gift this holiday season. Have a friend who’s thinking about starting a business? Have a teenager at home who’s restless? Just want to support this pajama-wearing blogger? Get it on Amazon today.

I was excited to see 800-CEO-Read, the premier business book outlet and reviewer, name My Start-Up Life as a semi-finalist in the "Small Business / Entrepreneurship Category" for Best Book of 2007. We’ll find out the final winners in January.

Economist Arnold Kling named the book one of the best of 2007 in the business category.

Hedge fund manager Jason Wood, in a holiday gift list, called it "worth buying for your favorite geek."

Professor of entrepreneurship Jeff Cornwall called it "worth your read over the holidays…a good read for entrepreneurs young or old."

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  • I had Arnold Kling as my econ professor this semester and you’re book was on the reading list for one of the assignments. I enjoyed the read, yet took joy in knowing others had similar stories. When I was in high school I was dabbling with my business and had many experiences which corresponded to situations you encountered. (grades slipping, trouble gaining trust at a young age, and so on and so forth)

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