Day 1, Quito, Ecuador

Random musings from day 1:

  • The popular route to Quito from the US is via Houston. Houston is really halfway to South America. SO much Spanish speaking.
  • Quito is a nice city — various signs of third worldness, but also some surpringsly cleaned up and laid back sections. Not nearly as loud or dirty as Indian or Chinese cities.
  • Spanish – accent neutral – wonderful.
  • Almuerzo – you order almuerzo and they give you the special of the day. No menu.
  • Ecuador uses US Dollars as currency. This makes it so much easier to buy stuff. You know exactly how much you’re paying.
  • Living – my brother has an apartment here (he teaches English) and living in an apt in foreign city is much different than hostel /hotelling it. Obvious, I know, but it really is different, and I like it.
  • Indigenous women are interesting. Much darker skin, wear distinctive hats.
  • Quito as a city is really LONG. North/south. The Andes border the city on either side.

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