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In today’s New York Times small business section our friend Marci Alboher writes about how we can all learn from anyone of any age. Ramit gets a lot of play, and I pop up in the end:

I first talked to Mr. Casnocha, an author and entrepreneur who started his first company at 14, when he showed an interest in reviewing my book (which I had sent to him because I admired his blog). After reading the book twice, Mr. Casnocha set up an interview with me to challenge me on the book’s ideas. He had an earnestness and commitment I rarely saw in experienced journalists, and I doubt any of them read my book twice. After he posted the review, we stayed in touch. He is one of the few people I called for advice when The Times asked me to start blogging. After awhile, I forgot that he was 18; he just felt like a trusted colleague.

Thanks Marci!

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  • What a nice compliment! So, Mr. Casnocha, what is the source of your earnestness? It’s certainly refreshing.

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