Video Interviews with Me

The other week I sat town with a professor at Cal State Pomona and two of his business students and recorded four 15 minute video interviews. Thanks to the black background, it has a Charlie Rose kind of feel. Thanks to my commitment to never brush my hair with a comb, my hair is all over the place.

Files load in Windows Media Player. Below are the topics in each segment.

Segment One:

– business ideas come from experiencing a problem
– overcoming credibility issues when you don’t have a track record
– how I think about mentors
– the tradeoffs inherent in doing a lot of things at once
– staying balanced / focused when there’s outside attention
– networking
– explain "I don’t want to be normal"
– importance of luck

Segment Two:

– high level and tactical hacks around staying connected
– life entrepreneurship
– dealing with criticism, putting yourself out there
– balance
– biggest mistake I’ve made
– importance of experimentation and "doing stuff"
– the terribleness of PowerPoints

Segment Three:

– scaling an idea and the emotional readiness it requires
– respecting the natural pace of the market
– importance of "good enough"
– collaboration and working with offshore people
– pricing products is hard, since people don’t know what they want and therefore don’t know what they’ll pay
– advisors vs. mentors
– no long term career plan
– consolidation in the tech industry
– business ideas around the travel industry

Segment Four:

– why we need to blow up the education system and start over
– are young people going to start companies?
– risk is overrated concept in entrepreneurship
– commoditization of knowledge: free and accessible online
– globalization is a big deal
– importance of writing well
– need to recognize diversity in learning types in our school system
– local government has more impact on people’s lives than federal
– optimistic about young people

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