Introverted Me

I can be highly social. I’d like to think I can work a cocktail party crowd pretty well. I love meeting people.

But I also have an introverted side which has been starved for oxygen in a college environment which places social interactions at the forefront. Alone time can be hard to come by…and I have a single!

During my gap year I had much time to myself. I lived in a condo in Boulder, CO for three months and ate many meals and enjoyed many weekends by myself. I traveled overseas for three months and sometimes went weeks without a full-length conversation with another native English speaker. I drove 5,000 miles in the month of April during my road trip / speaking tour, mainly by myself.

I like alone time because I like to think, and I can’t think hard with others around. I don’t think in real-time very well. I like alone time because I like to read and write. I write to be alone.

If I could, I’d put my life on pause and just hang out and read and write and drink bottled water. Unfortunately the chances of this happening are slim. Emails continue to fly in, professors expect me to show up at designated times, and the social scene at college is all-or-nothing.

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