The Red Sun Above SoCal

  San Diego Fire 
  Originally uploaded by Armida the Diva

Claremont has not yet been affected by the fires in the San Diego and Malibu area, though the sun did look like this yesterday. Ash in the pool and haze everywhere.

After the fire is under control, the debate over emergency preparedness and response in California and America will once again dominate the news as it did after Katrina. It won’t be pretty.

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  • I keep checking the Mudd page to make sure the fires aren’t too close to campus…the last big set a few years ago did encroach on Claremont, and one of my professors even lost a tree in his yard (just a tree). It’s eerie how beautiful the sun is out there when air pollution is at its worst, isn’t it? Hope y’all keep staying safe, and my alumni friends scattered around the area don’t have to evacuate…

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