Podcast About Optimism, Funny Conservatives, and Eternal Studenthood

Last week I did an hour long interview (posted as podcast) with Colin Marshall for his "Marketplace of Ideas" radio show.  Here’s the MP3 link. Here’s the iTunes download link.

We talk about many topics — education, self-deception, happiness, mentoring, the Silicon Valley Junto, travel, and books. I haven’t listened to the whole thing but I think the second half is more interesting than the first half.

A conversation about optimism, eternal studenthood and funny conservatives with entrepreneur and author Ben Casnocha [site]. His most recent book is My Start-Up Life. [download]

3 comments on “Podcast About Optimism, Funny Conservatives, and Eternal Studenthood
  • I like your mention of the factory-worker mentality formal education still promotes. Its subtle, but writing papers to appeal to the professor’s preferences, studying for exams that narrow your focus, all cater to how the system wants you to do things (and think about them). We’re somewhat being programmed to become part of cubicle culture (I’ve been there and its a lot like high school actually).

    The idea of life entrepreneurship is right on. While it seems like the specialized world doesn’t have a place for the jack-of-all-trades, that kind of well-roundedness may well sets you apart from the groupthink crowd. It lets you interconnect ideas and think differently and be more innovative. Great conversation!

  • Great stuff!

    Highlights for me:

    Your life entrepreneurship ideas.

    “Eternal student.” Very true: I read more in this year than any year of college.

    Real Life University.

    I want to apply “Random Day” into my life. (I have an Opportunity Day, where I reach out for something new: a new friend, a new job or something crazy and see where it goes.)

  • Well said… and I like your views. I was especially impressed by your ideas behind the following 3 words that you talked about…
    * On Demand education
    * Life Entrepreneurship
    * Intellectual Society

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