Emotions in Business: Failure

If you start a start-up, chances are it won’t last for more than a few years. Failure — however you define it — is part of the process.

My friend Andy Sack’s start-up — Judy’s Book — is closing up shop, and Andy is writing openly about the emotions of letting go. He’s right: you don’t hear much about the emotions that accompany business. We should be grateful Andy is bucking that trend publicly, especially at such a vulnerable and difficult time.

Sadness is where I’m at today. Many people including myself worked hard for a long time to try and make this business work.  It didn’t work the way I/we had all hoped. Now people are working hard to wind things down responsibly and they’re starting to look for other jobs. In situations like this, employees move on fast — no one wants to be the last one not to find a seat with another company. It’s a bit like an adult version of musical chairs.  At times, I can feel some of the angst as they look for work.  I’m struck by the realization that there are a whole host of relationships with people I like — that I used to see everyday and now I know that I won’t see them. That’s a bummer! I’ll miss them. I’ll miss my investors and our die hard customers. I’ll miss Judy’s Book. It’s sad to see all that come to an end. Yep — Sadness is where I’m at today. 
I’m glad it’s been sunny in Seattle…reminds me that everything is going to be ok in time.

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