Weather and Quality of Life


That‘s the view from my dorm room in Claremont, although in real life the St. Gabriel mountains are much closer and clearer. We endured a heat spell my first week here, but lately the weather has been Southern California at its best.

I think people highly underrate climate’s effect on one’s day to day outlook. Weather matters. In a communal, emotionally-infectious atmosphere like college, it matters even more.

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  • Ben, I agree with the impact weather has on one’s mood, although I often only notice it in the context of a vaguely disappointed feeling I get when I spend the entire day at my windowless work, then emerge at 5 to see a glorious SF day slipping into the fog…

  • “I think people highly underrate climate’s effect on one’s day to day outlook. Weather matters.”

    Climate or weather?

    Each changes on a different kind of time scale.

    Daily weather may affect people’s outlook but the climate by and large probably does not.

    People choose to live in a climate; the weather is thrust upon them.

    Er, confused…

  • I think weather is important, but don’t know if “good” weather is always best for quality of life.

    I’m now living back in Colorado where we have 330 days of sunshine a year. Honestly, sometimes I get tired of the sun and long for overcast gray days like I had in Germany. Those are the days when you feel permission to slow down and spend an afternoon in a cafe reading a book. Or time to be cozily tucked in your home with friends.

    Still, too much bad weather can be depressing. I’ll never forget my first winter in Germany where I saw the sun a total of 2 minutes for the entire month of January. (I happily recorded this fact in my journal at the time!)

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