How to Build Loyalty to Suggestions, Ideas, and Offerings

I loved this advice on persuasion and influence. In a sentence, people are more loyal toward your offering if they feel like they’ve already made progress toward receiving the ultimate reward. Excerpt:

In one study, loyalty cards were handed out to three hundred customers of a local car wash. The customers were told that every time they bought a car wash, their loyalty card would be stamped. However, there were two types of cards. One type of card stated that eight stamps were required to receive a free car wash, and no stamps were attached to the card. The other kind of card stated that ten stamps were required to receive the free wash, but two stamps were already affixed to the card. This meant that both cards required eight purchases to receive the award, but the second group seemed well on its way to completing the card with 20% of the stamps needed for the free wash.

It’s more effective to give people a 10 stamp card with two stamps already adhered, instead of an 8 stamp card with nothing on it.

How can you make people feel "well on their way" toward your desired outcome?

Thanks Chris for the pointer.

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