Best Tech Entrepreneurs Under 40

Chris Yeh often tries to claim he’s an old fart and wants to devote most of his energies to helping young bucks like Raw Meat and me accelerate our learning and success.

Alas, old he’s not. Chris, along with Digg’s Kevin Rose and three others, was recently named one of the Top 5 Tech Entrepreneurs Under Age 40. I remember the day when I was sitting at my desk in Boulder, Colorado this past winter and got a call from Chris as he was mulling over whether to accept the CEO position at Ustream.TV. He did, and he’s never looked back.

Ustream.TV is on the map as one of the most interesting internet / video companies right now. Although Ustream’s success has meant Chris has less time to conspire on the phone with me about how to take over the world, I am indeed very happy for him.

Let’s all try to make Ustream the big winner in this space.

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  • Thanks Ben! These articles are extremely flattering, but I’m crazy enough to think that I’m in the same league as a Kevin Rose.

    I’m just a guy who’s been lucky enough to pick the right horse to ride.

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