What Ukrainian Women Wear (or Don’t)

I’ve only been in the Ukraine a few days but one thing really stands out: how much skin the women show. I know, I know, this observation may not sound as cultured as a post about Ukrainian cuisine or landmarks or language, but I’ve never been to a place where the women dress as skimpily.

From teen girls to 40+ year old women, tight jeans, tiny shirts, and high heels are the norm. Maybe it’s because of hot summer weather. Maybe it’s a distinct eastern European look. Maybe what I’ve seen in Odessa just isn’t representative.

But it may also simply be part of the fashion sense. In this interesting post about Ukrainian fashion, the author notes, "The wardrobe is about attracting male attention, but in a "Look But Don’t Touch Unless Invited" fashion." She also discusses some of the reasons why the industry of western men dating or marrying Ukrainian / Russian women has taken hold. (Just Google "Ukrainian women" and you’ll find a gazillion sites of this sort – it’s a huge business.)

It’s interesting to compare fashion tastes around the world…

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  • I was in Ukraine two weeks ago, and I had exactly the same observation. I was in Lviv, Kiev and Chernivtsi – it was the same everywhere.
    I also a very similar experience in Romania.

  • Its interesting how you point out the variation in dress as seen in Odessa. In my personal opinion, the Ukrainian women are not at all too happy with the government. Their form of dress is indicative of their financial means. There are parts of Ukraine, where women dress in designer clothes imported into Ukraine from places like Italy and France.

    By the way, how are the roads? bumpy….bumpy…bumpy….

    As far as the dating websites, I think that they are just like the sites which exist in any other country where women want “something better” i.e. freedom. They are usuallycoerced into this work through deceptive recruitment practices. You can also make the argument that you have to look at the socio-economic and class level of the women who are seen on such websites, not only in eastern Europe but in other asiatic countries as well, to determine that their skimpyness is a direct result of the womens’ need to attract men.

  • It is said in Russia and Ukraine that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the entire world. Maybe that’s a solely Ukrainian saying.

    I spend a lot of my summers in Ukraine and agree with you. Spending just two weeks there transforms my fashion sense (or fashion courage?) and I return to United States to wear miniskirts exclusively. This lasts for two weeks before I am shamed back into (slightly more) modest clothing.

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