Hindsight Bias Devalues Science

My friend Eliezer has been on a tear over at the Overcoming Bias blog. Here’s his post on how the Hindsight Bias (aka the "I knew it all along" phenomenon) devalues science. He links to this helpful primer on the hindsight bias.

Here’s my post about Eliezer’s paper about cognitive biases — the best introduction I’ve read on this fascinating topic. Here’s a podcast with Eliezer on the singularity and other topics.


If you want to see Eliezer in-person, go to the Singularity Summit on September 8-9 in San Francisco. It’s probably the most important conference of the year if you’re interested in the issues surrounding the singularity. Tyler Cowen says it’s no longer intellectually acceptable not to be familiar with this topic.

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