Sometimes It’s Easy to Do Something Remarkable

I’m sitting on the ground at La Guardia airport in New York waiting for my 11:59 PM flight to Denver. A woman just walked by me and said, "Nice socks," pointing to my green dress socks with red flamingos on them.

I’ve gotten seven comments about my socks today — and I didn’t even think twice before throwing them on. During a TV interview the camera even zoomed in on the socks. They’re just simple dress socks. My pants, shoes, shirt, and suit jacket are all same old, same old. But the socks are a little different.

Sometimes it’s easy to do something remarkable.Yhst16293360936264_1956_6795548

5 comments on “Sometimes It’s Easy to Do Something Remarkable
  • How funny! I notice socks all the time. Just today, sitting in an AA meeting, I was deeply impressed with all the beautiful argyle socks many of the guys were sporting. (You could say that my mind wanders at times…) Afterwards, I complimented one of them on his, then showed him my chocolate-and-cream stripey socks from Gap (which really does make the most comfortable everyday socks I’ve worn). Socks are some kind of universal unifier.

    Quirky ties, however, can be really annoying if you haven’t got the presence to pull them off. Too easy to veer into David Brent territory.

  • beno- you and i both know that nice thick thorlos are the best socks around….color? who needs it when youve got a frickin inch of padding surrounding your foot

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