Rich People Read. Books.

Many a friend have sent me this popular NYT article about CEO’s reading habits and how they oftentimes include non-business books.

Arnold Kling adds:

Back when I had my relocation web site, we got hold of some zip-code level marketing data. When I looked for purchases that correlated with affluence, hardback books was one of the strongest.

Rich people read.  Books. 

I have actually increased my reading of books in recent years. I’ve cut back on the time I spend with the newspaper (typically less than 5 minutes now, when it used to be at least half an hour). My magazine reading has shifted. I used to get tech/business porn like Wired and Fast Company.  Now, I get Claremont Review, The New Atlantis, The Atlantic, and MIT Technology Review.   TV is pretty much limited to the Super Bowl and the World Series.

I’m doing less newspaper now, too. My magazines are The Economist, The Atlantic, Harpers, the Claremont Review of Books, the New Yorker, Wired, and a variety of pubs only online like Slate, NY Review of Books, BusinessWeek, and others.

I see less and less value keeping up day-to-day.

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