Here’s to a Surname High in the Alphabet

Ah, it feels good to be B.C.

Scott Adams plays this mind trick:

Let’s try a little experiment. I want you to think of one successful person. It can be anyone, famous or family member. Make sure you have just the one successful person in mind. Now concentrate on the first letter of that person’s last name.

Good. I’ll do the rest.

I will now wrinkle my brow and focus all my powers of ESP, trying to discern whether the letter in your mind is in the first half of the alphabet or the second half. Excuse me while I chant…ooom…oooom…okay.

Your letter is in the first half of the alphabet.

How’d I do? Leave a comment with the last name of the person you had in mind.

Then read this interesting article to see why I thought this might work.

Did it work for you?


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