Amazon Price Drops to $16.47

No one in the publishing industry really understands All anyone agrees to is that it’s a huge force and moves millions of books.

How Amazon prices books is one of the many unknowns. Bryan Kaplan once speculated about what it means when Amazon discounts a book further after pub date. If you read his post and the comments, you realize that there are compelling arguments on both sides (whether demand is increasing or decreasing), especially given the last comment that all economic theory should be called into question for Amazon.

In any event, just slashed the price of my book to $16.47. If you read this blog, I’d really appreciate it if you could pick up the newly discounted book now on Amazon or at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders.

"My Start-Up Life is the best memoir I’ve yet seen on the start-up experience."
Shel Israel, veteran Silicon Valley figure

"If you like business, you will like this book. It’s written in a style that is engaging and easy to read. It embraces the emotional paradoxes that entrepreneurship can bring – the moments of self-doubt, the triumphs of self-confidence, the pain of failures, and the realization that those failures are only temporary. It’s filled with great advice, and avoids any kind of magic bullet hocus pocus business thinking"
Rob May,

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