The Most Powerful Man in Sports

GQ has an interesting article about "the most powerful man in sports," William Wesley. He’s the guy nobody has heard of, yet he wields enormous influence. He’s not an agent, not a player, not a rapper, not a shoe company exec. He’s just Wes. And all roads in the NBA lead to him.

The story of the no-name mover and shaker is intriguing in any industry. The problem, of course, is getting access to the influencer since a good deal of his power stems from his mystique. In this case, Wes refused to talk to the journalist. Excerpt:

Chicago Sun-Times writer Lacy Banks recalls his confusion upon meeting Wes twenty years ago: "I thought he worked for the Secret Service or the FBI or the CIA. Then I thought he was a pimp, providing players with chicks, or a loan shark or a bodyguard or a vice commissioner to the league."

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