Looking for a Graduation Gift?

Do you know someone who’s graduating this spring? Have a teenage nephew? Consider giving the book My Start-Up Life. It can make the perfect gift for any grad interested in leadership, business, or technology.

“My Start-up Life is the best gift you can buy your teenage son or daughter…it will give them confidence in their own abilities and courage to take on new challenges….It is Harry Potter meets Good to Great.”
— Auren Hoffman, CEO, RapLeaf

“What makes his book interesting to me…is that it bypasses the rah-rah, self-congratulation common among the young entrepreneur set, instead capturing, with remarkable lucidity, the complexities of trying to balance being a teenager and running a business. It also replaces the generic advice endemic to the genre (“follow your dreams and it will all work out”) with practical mediations on issues such as the role of luck in big successes and the proper care and feeding of mentors. In the end, this is a serious guide that goes a long way toward deconstructing and explaining what exactly allows the Bens of the world to do what they do.”
— Calvin Newport, PhD Candidate, MIT; Author, How to Become a Straight-A Student

“Casnocha’s debut is a fast read that chronicles his successes and failures in a way that makes them accessible to a student of entrepreneurship at any age. From his tricks-of-the-trade (printing business cards for his advisors) to the shock of his tribulations (including the disaster that kicked “Judy from Bellbeach” off her professional list-serv) to the laugh-out-loud moments of this bildungsroman (parlaying the lesson of learning to “say no” into a prom date), this book entertains and teaches the whole way through.”
— Benjamin Abram, Student, Duke University

“Ben’s first book is well written and explores the early stages of his business ventures. A great read for anyone interested in leadership and/or business.”
— Lindsay Eierman, Student, University of Pennsylvania

“Ben’s message not only to established entrepreneurs, but to entrepreneurs-to-be, is full of inspiration when dealing with the new 21st century world. I am including this book in my course Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers as a must-read reference”.
— Dr. Alberto Correa, Professor, The University of Texas at El Paso

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