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* Should a near death experience change your life? Cowen: "I say use the experience to rationalize a change you wanted to make anyway.  Most people have less than perfect courage or willpower, but a near-death experience can provide a pro-change focal point in a multiple-selves game."

* Mark Pincus on New Yorkers: "Learning that New Yorkers are wonderful people when you meet them but treat each other worse than any third world country when it’s a ‘public’ situation. Walking through the subway or times square you will be run over. Meet them at your tennis club and they’re a long lost relative." Funny observation. I spent all last week in Manhattan and enjoyed it quite a bit for all the obvious reasons. Yet for me it’s definitely a "great place to visit but not to live" kind of city.

* Naomi Wolf presents a baseless claim that exposure to pornography lead men to want less of the real thing. Julian Sanchez is one of many who debunk.

* Book news….Here’s a clip from live TV interview I did on ABC News last week about my book. Here’s a post with link to a one hour podcast interview with Escape from Cubicle Nation. Here’s economist Arnold Kling’s review of my book. Angel investor and start-up coach David Cohen calls the book "terrific". Entrepreneur Andy Sack calls the book "awesome". It appears the book has finally gotten into most Barnes & Noble and Borders in the U.S. And of course it’s always available on Amazon.

3 comments on “Links from Around the Web and Book News
  • You are -enourmous- Ben!

    But seriously. You seemed to handle the interview great.

    A bit of constructive criticism if you want it, you may be perfectly aware of this. But I found it mildly distracting that you kept glancing off camera, especially at the beginning of the piece. While you handled the content of the interview great, you just seemed very nervous, or incapable of locking yourself into the interview by fixing your gaze.

    That being said, you handled the interview far better than I ever would.

  • Yep — the set-up is that you look straight into a camera, no real person around you. At the beginning I didn’t quite realize I was on-camera yet.

  • Ben!!!!

    That is super awesome!

    You didn’t tell me that video of you speaking at our Boston College Entrepreneur Society was going to be in the clip! That is mega awesome!

    They had the chalkboard shot and everything!

    I will be sharing your video clip with my contacts in the group as well as with my contacts on facebook!

    This is really exciting! You handled the interview very well!

    Keep up the great work!

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