Entering Infinite Jest

I’m re-entering David Foster Wallace‘s Infinite Jest. It is massively complex, more than 1,000 pages, and full of words I’ll read probably only once in my life.

I made it through 200 pages last year. I’m committed to finishing it this time around. If I can penetrate even 10% of what this acclaimed novel is about, I will be quite satisfied with myself.

Wallace, one of America’s most prominent young writers, teaches down at Claremont, and I’m trying to gear up for maybe possibly hopefully taking one of his classes.

Let a serious reading experience begin….

2 comments on “Entering Infinite Jest
  • I actually made it nearly halfway through last year. Now that it’s on my book group’s agenda for this year, I’m really dedicated to bogging through the entire thing. I’ve found that it’s much easier to restart it, as you have a feel for the structure of the novel and the characters.

    Be sure to blog on it and keep us updated, Ben. I’d like to hear your insights.

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